free energy generator

free energy generator: 

Actually, there has no free energy in this world. only energy can change its position. Lots of people think that there has free energy. but we have to know there is no free energy. There has some energy without any cost but it’s not without anythings. We can get light and hot for the sun. 

For this hot and light energy no need for any cost. because it’s natural energy. Like this, we can make some energy by using any free energy. like, we can get electricity by using a turbine. the wind rotates the turbine. here we can watch a small video to make free energy 

In this video, we can watch we use a motor as a turbine. We rotated the fan using wind 

like this we can use water to rotate the turbine. We know about the Solar system. we can get energy by using solar also. We also can tell it’s free energy. but it’s not free it’s just changing the power position or nothing. at last, I can tell that we could not get any energy without any natural energy. we can get energy according to our needs by killing a natural energy.

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