How ice swim in the water?

How ice swim in the water?

How ice swim in the water?


The maximum density of water at 4 ° C. But water turns into ice at temperature 0 ° Celsius. If the water becomes solid ice then the growth increases. If 11 unit water turns into ice, it becomes 12 units. That is, the density of ice is less than water. Ice is less dense than water, ice is lighter than water, so ice floats in water. When the ice is released into the water, 11/12 parts of its area are submerged in water and 1/12 of the parts are covered with water.


Many times we think of those who take a risk as crazy, but, until you try jumping into an icy lake, it is difficult to judge. Fear should not get in the way of trying new things. Yes, it takes courage. Not everyone has the want or desire to plunge into a cold, dark body of water in the middle of winter. Yet the sensation ignites high-energy levels, leaving you with a lasting feeling of exhilaration. Many who practice this activity comment on how it creates a lasting feeling of vitality. Perhaps this is a freezing-cold “Fountain of Youth” that has been hiding in plain sight for thousands of years.

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Ask any plunge participant what it feels like and you’ll hear words like rejuvenating, energizing, cleansing, exhilarating, fantastic and refreshed.

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