Amplifier circuit diagram using TDA7377

Amplifier circuit diagram using TDA7377:

TDA7377 is a class-AB audio amplifier. it’s a radio car audio amplifier. normally it’s used in cars. it’s 12 voltage 30+30 watts stereo audio circuit diagram. it’s a dual channel with 60 watts. 30 watts for the left side and another 30 watts for the right side.

Amplifier circuit diagram using TDA7377

It’s an easy circuit diagram. we can use 12 voltage battery. or we can use 12 voltage transformer. for 220Ac voltage, we need a 12-voltage 5 amperes transformer. if we use 2.3 amperes transformer then we can not get 60 watts. we know that Voltage X amperes= Watts. 12 X 5=60 watts.

This is the circuit diagram


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