How to connect volt meter

How to connect the volt meter:

How to connect the volt meter. we can measure voltage and ampere. this meter can run 5-25 voltages. we can see it has 2 types of wire. two-socket has in this meter. 1st socket has 3 wires. Red, black, and yellow. The red and black are for the power of the meter. yellow to test the voltage. and another 2nd socket has 2 wires. one is red another one is black. this wire to test the ampere. we can load Dc from 0 volts to 100 volts. this is red and black for output. here in this diagram, we can see how to connect the meter. also, have a video to use this meter.


How to connect a volt meter
How to connect a volt meter

This is a useful digital volt and ampere meter. Let’s go watch the video about how to use this meter

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The meter 


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