how to make amplifier circuit diagram

Amplifier circuit diagram:

This is an Amplifier circuit diagram using transistors. It’s a PNP and NPN amplifier. here used 2sc5200 and 2sa1943 transistor. this is a paired transistor. one pair transistor can make 100 watts. that means this 2sc5200 and 2sa1943. 2sc5200 is a positive transistor NPN. and 2sa1943 is a negative transistor PNP. 

Amplifier circuit diagram

Here used other transistors. A940 and C2073 are used in this circuit diagram. A940 is a PNP transistor and C2073 is an NPN transistor. all transistors Base Collector and Emitter are the same. 1st is Base 2nd is Collector and 3rd is Emitter. we also can use another transistor following the PNP/NPN and BCE. Here Maximum resistor is 1 watt. 5 watts for sound output. and 2 watts for passing the voltage. All capacitors will be a minimum of 50 voltages. 


Amplifier circuit diagram


This is the circuit.  in this circuit, we can use 35-0-35 voltage and 3 ampers. we can increase the voltage up to 45-0-45 but can not increase the amperes because one transistor can take a maximum of 1.2 amperes. 2 transistors need 2.4 amperes.  

Amplifier circuit diagram

this is the PNG file for print. This is an easy high-power amplifier. need a good heat sink for the transistor.


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