How to make dc voltage?

How to make dc voltage:

This is a circuit diagram for making voltage. this circuit is for dual volts. here used a full wave transformer. this transformer is ac 35-0-35 voltage. this ac voltage makes dc using 4 diodes and 2 capacitors. usually, this circuit needs an amplifier—positive- negative, and ground. when we make dc then the voltage increase. ac 35-0-35 to dc 45-0-45 voltage.

How to make dc voltage

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How to make music light for the amplifier:

this is the Music light for the amplifier. we need this circuit for our amplifier. it makes the amplifier gorgeous. It’s the display only. also, it’s called the sound level. here used a transistor only. one transistor for one led. here have 5 transistors for the 5 led lights. if we want to increase the lead we just need to increase the transistor. here used only 47k and 10k transistors. and bc547 transistor. 3 volts led lights. 

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