how to make bass tone circuit?

how to make a bass tone circuit?:

This circuit diagram uses one transistor c828. here used 4 volumes. volume, bass, and high, and tone. this circuit is one of the best bass tone control circuits. it’s run at 12 voltages. every amplifier needs this circuit to control the sound.

how to make bass tone circuit?

  1. 100k volume 4 piece
  2. C828 transistor 1 piece
  3. 220uf 10volt capacitor 1 piece
  4. 10uf 50volt capacitor 2 piece
  5. 56k resistor 1 piece
  6. 22ohm resistor 1 piece
  7. 5.6k resistor 2 piece
  8. 1.5k resistor 1 piece
  9. 120k resistor 1 piece
  10. 1k resistor 1 piece
  11. 104 pf 1 piece
  12. 10k resistor 1 piece
  13. 333pf 3 piece
  14. 6.8k resistor 1 piece
  15. 15k resistor 1 piece
  16. 473pf 2 piece

how to make bass tone circuit?

For more amplifier diagram please click this link 

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how to make bass tone circuit?

Please watch this video to connect this circuit 

transistor circuit diagram of 2sa1943 and 2sc5200

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