What is electronics?

Electronic is a way to bringing our thinking to our life.

Science makes our life so easy and unbelievable. Electronic is a big part of science. everywhere need electronics to help in the science field. nowadays nothing can do without electronics help. you can’t show me a side of the science section without electronics. yes, it’s call electronics. 

Every work needs support. like, for cooking need hot. for moving needs pressure, for broke something needs hit. for flying need air.

For electronics need an electron-Proton-neutron

What is electronics?
What is electronics?

The atom with the nucleus made of protons, which have a positive charge, and neutrons, which are neutral. The electrons, which have a negative charge, orbit the nucleus.

Now I am not like to go to physics and electronics formula. let’s go to direct electronics.

What is electronics
What is electronics

Here Voltage, amperes, and ohms playing in the field. the field name is electronics. electronics plays with voltage, amperes, and ohms. 

Voltage, amperes, ohms helps us to bring our ideas to our life as electronics. voltage, amperes, ohms help us to make sound using electronics circuit, speaker.

Everywhere need electronics to help in our life. now I am writing using this computer it’s only for electronics.

you are reading this article it’s only for electronics




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