how to make power supply?

12 volt power supply circuit:

This is a 12 volt power supply circuit. sometimes we need strong amperes voltage. then we have to use this type of circuit. We use this type of circuit for accurate voltage. If we use a transformer the voltage can’t be always accurate. For this, we have to use this type of circuit. in this circuit, we use 25-0-25 AC voltage. after making DC the voltage makes 30-0-30. we take 12-0-12 voltage among this 30-0-30 voltage. 

12-0-12 power supply circuit

We use 7812 and 7912 to make 12-0-12 voltage first. 7812 and 7912 can make 12-0-12 voltage and small amperes. this transistor can’t make strong amperes. for this cause, we use TIP41 and TIP42. TIP41 is a positive transistor and TIP42 is a negative transistor. Both Base collector and emitter are the same. In the collector, we use 30 voltages and in the Base, we use 12 voltages to get 12 voltages from the Emitter. For TIP41 and TIP42 we can get maximum amperes from the main 30-0-30 voltage. It’s the best 12-0-12 power supply circuit diagram.

This is the diagram to make the circuit

12-0-12 power supply circuit

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