how to make 12 volt inverter?

how to make 12 volt inverter:

This is a 12-volt inverter circuit. it’s a simple inverter circuit diagram. here used 2 MOSFET. IRFZ44. It’s a good quality MOSFET. it needs 12 voltage full-wave transformer. 12-0-12 voltage transformer. 12-0-12 voltage 10 amperes transformer needed. we know voltage X amperes=Watts. so, 12 X 10= 120 watts. It’s a small inverter circuit diagram. if we want more watts then we have to use more MOSFET. and also needs a bigger transformer.

12 volt inverter circuit 12 to 220 voltage

We also can use P55n or P50n MOSFET. IRF2153 IC-based circuit diagram.

Inverter circuit diagram 12 volt to 220 volt

Inverter circuit diagram 12 volt to 220 volt
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