how to make 2n3055 transistor amplifier

Single voltage transistor amplifier circuit diagram using 2n3055

2n3055 transistor amplifier: This is a 2n3055 transistor amplifier. this transistor amplifier can run using a single voltage. this amplifier can use 12 voltage to 50 voltage. here used 2 transistors. 2n3055 is an NPN transistor.  we can make this amplifier using the battery. normally transistor amplifiers need dual voltage. …

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TTD1415B Transistor pinout

TTD1415B Bipolar Transistor

TTD1415B Transistor pinout: TTD1415B bipolar transistor. This is about TTD1415B transistor pinout details. TTD1415B is an NPN bipolar power transistor. 1st pin is the Bass. 2nd pin is the Collector. 3rd pin is the Emitter. Collector-Emitter Voltage is = 100 Voltage. Collector-Base Voltage is = 120 Voltage. Emitter-Base Voltage is …

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