Graphic equalizer circuit diagram

Graphic equalizer circuit diagram:

This is a 5 band audio equalizer. this circuit is used in an amplifier. normally any amplifier needs a pre-amplifier to control the sound quality. this circuit has audio input and audio output. here need 12 voltages to run this circuit. Graphic equalizer circuit diagram.

Graphic equalizer circuit diagram


This is an amplifier circuit diagram. here used 2 transistors for one side. left side for 2 transistors. and 2 transistors for the right side. A1941 is a negative transistor PNP. and C5198 is a Positive transistor NPN. we also can use other transistors. same as these transistors. here all transistor Bases, collectors, and emitter are the same. we use here 12 voltage. we also can use a maximum of 24 voltage.

transistor circuit diagram of 2sa1943 and 2sc5200

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