How to make ac to dc voltage

How to make ac to dc voltage:

This is a simple article on. this circuit diagram is for making ac to dc voltage. this is a dual voltage circuit diagram for making positive negative and ground. this circuit needs to make an amplifier. 

How to make ac to dc voltage

here used 4 diodes of 5400 and 2 capacitors. 50 voltage 6800 mfd. this circuit is for 25-0-25 voltage and 5 amperes. if we want to make 35-0-35 voltage then need 80 voltage capacitor.  

How to make ac to dc voltage

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How to make ac to dc voltage

Every amplifier needs this circuit to make voltage. it’s for dual voltage. here need a center tap transformer. normally we need this type of circuit to make a transistor and dual power amplifiers. 

How to make an amplifier circuit diagram

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