how to make amplifier circuit?

how to make an amplifier circuit:

This is a transistor amplifier circuit diagram. this is a driver board only. we have to use another circuit for the main transistor. we can use 2sc5200/2sc2933 for positive voltage. and 2sa1943/2sa1216 for negative voltage. 

transistor amplifier circuit diagram
transistor amplifier circuit diagram

Here we show 2sa1216 and 2sc2933 transistors but also can use 2sa1942 or 2sc5200. here both transistors are the same 2sc2933 and 2sc500 both NPN and BCE are the same. and 2sa1942 and 2sa1943 are PNP and BCE are the same. this transistor circuit diagram is only a driver so we can use many transistors according to our amplifier watts.

transistor amplifier circuit diagram
transistor amplifier circuit diagram

We can use the same voltage for the driver and main transistor circuit. but this circuit has a limitation. here in this circuit, we can use a maximum of 50-0-50 voltage. but we can use 80-0-80 voltage in the main transistors. if we use 50-0-50 volts 10 amperes then we can get 1000 watts. because we know that voltage X amperes = watts. we use dual voltage 50 voltage and 10 amperes. 0 to 50 voltages and the amperes will be double. 10+10=20 amperes. or if we use 40-0-40 for the driver circuit and 80-0-80 voltage and 10 amperes for transistors then the watts will be according to the transistors’ voltage. 80 X 20 = 1600 watts.

transistor amplifier circuit diagram

Here use driver transistor is PNP Power transistors TIP2955 and TIP3055  both transistors are 15A  and 100V. this transistor is 90 watts. in this circuit, we can find all component names. 

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transistor amplifier circuit diagram

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