how to make music level light

how to make music level light:

This is a led music level indicator circuit diagram for an amplifier. this led music level indicator can increase amplifier fit-out. also, we can understand the volume level. also can measure the right and left side audio levels. 

how to make music level light

The LM3915 is a mono-integrated circuit that has analog voltage levels. It drives ten LEDs, and LCDs. providing a logarithmic 3 dB/step analog display. 1 pin changes the display from a bar graph to a moving. LED current drive is regulated. it’s needed for current limiting resistors. This circuit can operate from a single supply minimum of 3 Voltage or a maximum of 25 Voltage.  The input buffer accepts signals down to the ground and up to within 1.5 Voltage of the positive supply it needs no protection against inputs of ±35 Voltage. The audio input stupid drives 10 separate comparators referenced. Accuracy’s better than 1 dB. The LM3915’s 3 dB/step display is suited for signals. such as audio level, power, light intensity.  Audio includes average or peak level indicators. Replacing usual meters with an LED bar graph results in a faster responding. 
The LM3915 is extremely easy to use. A 1.2V full-scale meter demands only one resistor in addition to
the last which means ten LEDs. LED brightness is easy can control 
with a single pot.

how to make music level light

LM3915 ic is the best ic for this music-level circuit.

how to make music level light

The LM3915 is very multipurpose. The outputs can drive LCDs, incandescent bulbs
as well as LEDs. LM3915s can also be cascaded with LM3914s. 

Description of LM3915:

Power Dissipation = 1365 mW. 

Supply Voltage =25V. 

voltage on Output Drivers = 25V. 

Input Signal Overvoltage =±35V. 

Divider Voltage=−100 mV to V+.

Reference Load Current=10 mA.

Storage Temperature Range=−55°C to +150°C.

Lead Temperature (10 sec)=260°C


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